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Toucan Dubh Downloads

Free Stuff!

Aye me hearties, 'tis free Pirate Booty!

Pirate Palooza, organized by our ol' pal Cap'n Drew, has come and gone, but never fear - Your favorite pirate music and songs of the sea won't have to wait for a whole year.

The Pirate Palooza musicians have gotten together and recorded a 'Web Album'.   What's a Web Album, you ask?   Why it's nothing less than your own free, downloadable set of songs that you can take with you on an iPod, play on your computer, or burn to a CD.   Did I mention free??

Kindly recorded and engineered by our good friend Dolph (of Three Quarter Ale fame), the 'PiratePalooza Booty Music' album is only a mouse click or two away.   Now you too can take your favorite pirate musicians along with you wherever you sail!

'PiratePalooza Booty Music'

Joni Minstrel - Sea Fever   music by Lindsay Smith, poem by John Masefield
Joni Minstrel - Captain Kidd   Trad.
Rambling Sailors - Pirate's Life   by Gregg Csikos
Rambling Sailors - Strike The Bell   Trad.
Ian O'Donnell - Whisky is the Life of Man   Trad.
Ian O'Donnell - Rigged Our Ship   Trad.
Three Quarter Ale - Pirate Annie's Chest   by Dolph Amick
Three Quarter Ale - The Black Spot   by Dolph Amick
The Lost Boys - Scoundrels   by JC Long, from the upcoming CD "Heroes and Scoundrels"

OR - You can download the whole thing at once. (34.5 MB)   Be forewarned, ye lubbers - This full download be not for the faint of heart or those of slow connection speed. :)

And you can download your very own 'Pirate Booty' CD cover. (artwork by Dolph Amick)

We Toucans had a great time at Pirate Palooza and we bet you did too.   We hope to see you on board when we set sail again!

Toucan Brew
In October 2005, Guinness introduced the Brewhouse Series, a limited-edition collection of draft stouts available for roughly six months each.

Toucan Brew, the second in the Brewhouse Series was introduced in May 2006, based on the famous Guinness Toucan seen in many advertisements for the stout. This beer had a crisper taste with a slightly sweet aftertaste due to its triple-hopped brewing process.   Other beers in the Brewhouse series: Brew 39, North Star.

Read all about the Guinness brew named after your favorite Toucans - Toucan Dubh! (as far as we know :) )   And tell Guinness to bring it back.   We love it!

Click Here to pour your own virtual pint of Guinness.   And don't forget to try making the signature shamrock in the foamy head!

And of course, Drink Responsibly.